Titanium Dioxide has a wide application in coatings, plastics, inks and paper-makings.

Titanium Dioxide

While forming a strategic alliance with several titanium dioxide producers, we're able to supply different grades of rutile / anatase Titanium dioxide for various application.

Anatase Grade

Anatase grade titanium dioxide is a kind of good white powder pigment with good light scattering resistance and stable chemical properties. It performs excellent in light resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance. It has strong covering power and dispersion, but the performance of weather resistance is not as good as rutile type. It’s widely used in many industrial fields like coating, plastic, papermaking and printing ink.

Rutile Grade

Rutile grade titanium dioxide is good white pigment with high dispersion, high weather resistance, high covering power and good stability. It is widely used in interior and exterior wall latex paints, industrial coating, printing ink, laminated paper, plastic color master batch and powder coating. Rutile type is the most stable crystal habit of titanium dioxide. Comparing to anatase titanium dioxide, it has higher hardness, density, dielectric constant and refractive index .